Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom


The updated guide to teaching happiness and positive mental health

Adrian Bethune is a part-time primary teacher, Deputy Chair of the Well Schools strategic board and the founder of Teachappy. He is associated with Oxford Brookes University and has won many awards for his well being work. In this updated version of his highly popular text, he provides a comprehensive guide to wellbeing, through chapters that share a clear structure and focus, providing information about the theory and research underpinning best practice, supported with case studies from around the world.

Chapters include: Creating a tribal classroom • Neuroplasticity: your elastic plastic brain • It’s cool to be kind • Exercise makes me happy

This is a really useful book that many teachers will appreciate as there are examples of good practice, illustrations and suggestions of strategies to try out with classes.

Whereas learning differences do not feature prominently, the content will be of value to any teachers or other professionals who are interested in bringing more balance to their lives and simplifying what is done personally as well as professionally, regardless of their teaching environment. Bethune encourages teachers to be courageous and to prioritise wellbeing and happiness and to find opportunities to laugh. He challenges teachers to be brave and to make their teaching work better through applying small changes consistently that free up more time. Highly recommended.

Author: A. Bethune
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-80199-212-1

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