Pupils should leave college ready for the next stage in their life, says Harry Anderson.

The transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5, and the preparation for adulthood can be difficult and challenging for SEN pupils. Post 16 settings need to provide transition and vocational programmes for pupils such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, GCSEs, and BTEC courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Other options catering for both academic and more practical interests often include driving lessons, E-Sports, Mechanics, Careers, Animal Care and functional skills qualifications for Literacy and Numeracy.

When pupils are treated respectfully and maturely as young adults, this can make a real difference to their mental health and well-being as well as creating and maintaining a positive learning environment where they can thrive and flourish and achieve beyond expectations. They can re-engage with their education to achieve qualifications, develop their confidence and self-esteem, and grow into well-rounded young adults.Independence and preparation for adulthood are key areas of focus for pupils to ensure that they successfully attend work experience placements and learn the value of what it takes to function and work in society once they leave school.

Some of these work experience placements may be supported by staff, whereas some are fully independent. Residential students may be provided with their own studio flat, supported by staff to learn to cook, clean, wash and iron for themselves, and schools may offer day pupils with certain nights to help them prepare properly for independence when they leave college. High quality provisions help to increase the employment rates for SEN pupils, working closely with parents and carers to ensure that pupils are fully supported as they leave education and progress into the next stage of their lives. Self-confidence and wellbeing may be supported through therapy and counselling to maintain mental health. Pupils should leave college ready for the next stage in their life. Some pupils will transition to Further Education college, some to full time employment, and some to university. Wherever their destination may be, the transition should be well managed and effective.

Harry Anderson
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Harry Anderson is the Principal of Muntham House School.

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