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Campaigning for the right to speak and be heard

Steve Hermon gives an account of how he began his journey as a campaigner for speech and language therapies to be given greater support. May 2019...

Using VERVE in schools

Johanna Barclay explains VERVE video interaction therapy.Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) is the most common primary type of need for pupils on SEN support,...

The Ultimate Guide to SLCN

This ebook is designed to help SENCOs, school staff and others supporting pupils with SLCN in schools. In the introduction the authors point out...

Communication’s the thing

Louisa Reeves on the importance of identifying and supporting SLCN at school

Decoding SLCN

Jaya Simpson looks at what speech, language and communication needs are and how we can identify them 

Bercow: Ten Years On

A decade after John Bercow’s critical report on SLCN provision, Mandy Grist asks if much has changed

Communicating about communication

Candice Lazarus and Helen Kirk look at the role of speech and language therapists in child mental health

SLCN: the biggest SEN you’ve never heard of

Theresa Redmond outlines some of the main issues affecting children with speech, language and communication needs

Shout out for communication

Chris Hall reviews the Awards celebrating best practice in speech, language and communication

Gareth Gates to host Shine a Light Awards

The singer and performer Gareth Gates (pictured) has been unveiled as the host of the 2017 Shine a Light Awards, taking place in London...

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