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A life with dyspraxia

Sally Payne examines the different ways dyspraxia affects people across their lifespan 

Identifying dyslexia

Angela Fawcett looks at dyslexia assessments and screenings and why they are important

On your side

Margaret Rooke reveals a common thread that links many successful people with dyslexia

Improving outcomes for dyspraxia

Sally Payne explains how occupational therapists can work in partnership with schools to support children with dyspraxia/DCD

No will, no way

Schools must have the expertise and the desire to teach dyslexic pupils, writes Sue Walsh

The benefits of being dyslexic

Are some of the qualities society most values classic dyslexic traits? Sarah Driver thinks so

What use diagnosis?

A little knowledge goes a long way towards helping those with SEN as they progress through life, says “Abdul” 

Seeing the positives

Rosie Edmondson discusses how she manages the challenge of living with dyspraxia and dyslexia

Fighting the good fight

Tim Loder describes the struggle to secure an education for his daughter in which her dyslexia is no barrier

Second time around

School was torture for the girl tagged as “stupid”, but Sarah Chapman has found new hope and the strength to overcome her dyslexia

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