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Teach how they learn

Sarah Driver looks at what schools can do to identify and meet the real needs of dyslexic pupils

Improving brain connections could help dyslexics

Researchers claim to have discovered evidence which sheds light on the causes of dyslexia and could lead to new techniques being developed to better...

Dyslexia sector calls for changes to SEN reforms

Many children and young people with SEN could suffer when the Children and Families Bill takes effect next year because their needs may not...

Coordinated support for dyspraxia

If you want to help dyspraxic children, you have to support their parents, says Rachel Tucker (with Toby Lee)

Dyslexia spells trouble with writing

Emma Sumner, Vincent Connelly and Anna Barnett explore how spelling difficulties can constrain the writing of children with dyslexia

Supporting dyslexia: organising chaos

Bernadette McLean explains how to help dyslexic students manage the increased demands and potential overload of secondary school

Choosing a school for a dyslexic child

When selecting a school for a child with dyslexia, the school’s ethos speaks louder than all the official documents can, says Brendan Wignall

Adult dyslexia forty years on

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) has published a report examining progress on issues facing adults with dyslexia over the past four decades. Produced to...

Dyslexics, know your brain

Dyslexics need to understand how their brain works differently, if they are to fulfil their potential, says Patrick Wilson 

Dyslexia/SpLD resource for schools

A free online resource has been developed to help education professionals understand the skills and knowledge they need to support those with dyslexia and...

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