Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Book Review: 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Questioning

‘Questioning is the basic tool of the teacher and so, like the butcher’s knife, it should be sharp, efficient and wisely used’. This quote...

Supporting children with processing issues

SEN Specialist Jacqui Strubel offers some guidance on helping children deal with processing issues. As a SENCO, I have noticed that while a lot of...

Losing it in lockdown?

‘there are a whole range of familiar strategies that we can use to change our mental state and make us more resilient.’

How to survive as a teacher

Viv Grant offers some key tips to help take the stress out of teaching

Where will our teachers come from?

Luna Williams argues that strict immigration policies are discouraging SEN teachers from staying in the UK

Tackling learned helplessness

Teachers should reward effort and perseverance, not just achievement, writes Katharine Moylan

Teachers of character

Working with pupils with SEN is as much about personal qualities as about skills, writes Beth Murphy 

Support is out there

When you’ve got pupil’s best interests at heart, don’t forget to take care of yourself, writes James Bowen

Do teaching assistants make a difference?

Teaching assistants feel they have a positive effect on children displaying challenging behaviour, and believe that without their support many of these children would...

Starting out in SEN

Schools, pupils and staff all miss out if NQTs are denied special school placements, says Baljinder Kuller