Good practice blue-print for autism education


A new report aims to establish standards of autism training for teachers and provide schools with a blue-print for effective practice in autism education.

Entitled What is Good Practice in Autism Education?, it identifies key themes and recommended practices which all schools can adopt to improve their education practice for pupils on the autism spectrum. Funded by the Department for Education, The Autism Education Trust commissioned a team led by Professor Tony Charman at the Institute of Education, London to produce the report.

“Many of the themes that emerged from this research are reflected strongly in the proposals outlined in the government’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Green Paper”, says Professor Charman. “These include the importance of joint working between education, health, social care and voluntary organizations, the need for staff to have high expectations of all their pupils, to be well-trained, and crucially to understand autism at a detailed level.”

What is Good Practice in Autism Education? can be downloaded at:

The next issue of SEN Magazine will feature an article by Professor Charman outlining his report’s findings and recommendations.


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