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Jon Tait is Director of School Improvement and Deputy CEO at a multi-academy trust. He is also the author of four books on teaching and school leadership. Teaching Rebooted is an essential toolkit that includes 40 practical teaching ideas, related to ten fundamental elements of teaching practice. These include: retrieval practice, questioning, learning versus performance, cognitive load and metacognition.

Tait points out that much of teacher training and professional development is focused on engaging pupils and behaviour management, with less evidence of input on the fundamentals of how students learn and retain information. He stresses the importance of evidence based and research-informed practice.

Each chapter follows a common format that addresses common practices, links to research, practical interventions, further reading and reflective activities. There is also a handy ‘keyword’ search resource. Chapters are crisply written, well informed and clearly based on extensive professional practice and supporting research.

 The chapter on learning versus performance for example, looks at how teachers can construct assessment opportunities in the most effective conditions in order to make the most accurate inferences about learning. 

Whereas this book focuses on demystifying how students learn and retain information, Teaching Rebooted also encourages the reader to critically engage with their professional practice, based on tried and tested strategies and interventions that contribute to more effective learning and classroom performance. 

Author: Jon Tait. Publisher: Bloomsbury Education. ISBN: 978-1-4729-7766-3. Price: £14.99. Follow the author here. For more books on teaching strategies, click here and here.

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