The Research-Informed Teaching Revolution: A Handbook For the 21st Century Teacher


All three authors have a strong background in research, combined with classroom experience, practitioner enquiry and dissemination of best practice. There are also other contributors providing their perspectives from engaging with research at classroom level, including how to lead change effectively and which research to pay attention to.

Chapters include:

  • Rethinking research: Using INSET to grow a research-active culture
  • The diamond in the mine
  • School-based research for continuous quality improvement
  • Overcoming teachers’ reservations and barriers to engaging with educational research

This is a well-constructed text that provides the reader with clear information, support and advice about successful practice and innovative ways to engage teachers positively with meaningful change.

In the chapter by Professor Steve Higgins, there is a useful overview of ways in which research needs to be:

  • Applicable in terms of subject, age and approach
  • Appropriate for the particular teacher and the pupils involved
  • Acceptable educationally and ethically

This is another excellent publication form John Catt and will support readers interested in research-informed teaching at all levels of education, as well as those undertaking their own research projects.

Authors: C. Brown, J. Flood and G. Handscomb
Publisher: John Catt
ISBN: 979-1-912906-83-3

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