The Future of Teaching and The Myths That Hold It Back


Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist specialising in the nature of real-world intelligence and ways in which it can be improved through education of all kinds. He is Visiting Professor of Education at King’s College, London and the author of several widely acclaimed books including Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind. 

Some of the issues he addresses in this book include:

  • What knowledge do kids need in order to thrive in the mid-to late 21st century?
  • Why do people learn?
  • Can thinking really be taught? And if so, how?
  • Classrooms as complex systems
  • The future of thinking / critical thinking 
  • The Learning Power approach

This is an interesting exploration of current debates in education that draws on research about false claims about the brain and his perception of a generally poor understanding of cognitive science. 

Author: Guy Claxton
Publisher: Routledge (Taylor Francis)
ISBN: 978-0-367-53164-5
Price: £15.99

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