Being With Our Feelings: A Mindful Approach to Wellbeing for Children


Anita Kate Garai is a teacher, poet and mindfulness wellbeing consultant and facilitator, who has also worked as a primary school teacher and in collaboration with local authorities as a specialist in behaviour, emotional wellbeing and creativity. She is active on social media as @AnitaKateG. This pack includes a teaching toolkit/ manual and four rhyming story books that explore emotions including anxiety, anger, self-expression and fear. These story books are beautifully illustrated by Pip Williams and include reflective activities that raise questions to explore.

The manual is organised in four parts: About Being With Our Feelings • Activities and Resources • Integrating BWOF Across the School Community • More Photocopiable Resources

There are seven keys of BWOF including: We let our feelings flow and move • Feelings change: They come and go • Being with all our feelings is brave. This is a very well-structured resource that clearly outlines activities, reflection points and ways of recording what has been learnt. The approach is multisensory, with children being encouraged and supported in finding ways to physically express their feelings and to observe and notice their reactions. There is an extensive resource section that includes word banks, cards grounding and meditation exercises. Excellent.

Author: A.K. Garai
Publisher: A Speechmark Book (Routledge)
ISBN: 978-1-032-23327-7

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