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Thriving As An Early Career Teacher With Mr T

Andrew Taylor is a senior lecturer in primary education, with extensive experience as a class teacher, senior leadership team member and ECT mentor. He writes for several publications and is active on social media as @MrTs_NQTs. This book is aimed at those applying for their first job, starting in a new school or preparing for the first parents’ evening. The book opens with a helpful guide to getting the most out of the content and explains that it was written with the Early Careers Framework in mind, which was devised to provide a consistency in access to CPD for those early in their teaching career.

Chapters include: • What to expect from your ECT induction • Self-care and managing workload • Curriculum and Planning • Meeting the needs of all • Working with parents and carers

Taylor includes references to SEND and stresses that each pupil is unique, even when they come with a label / labels that identify differences. He provides some background and practical strategies for working with children with, for example, ADHD, ASD and Dysptaxia, with links to useful resources and wider reading. He also directly references his social media posts and provides ‘Coaching Moments’ that can prompt professional reflection. This is a super resource that supports not only ECT’s, but can also act as a prompt for those more established in their career to re-evaluate their practice.

Author: A.Taylor
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 97818019-9019-6


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