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How Can Professionals Best Support Autistic Parents?

Recognition and support Over the last decade it has become more widely accepted that autism is hereditary,  with studies estimating that 80% of autistic people...

We’re Not All Autistic

The phrase, “I am/we are all autistic” or some variation, has been heard uttered by Dave down the pub all the way to world-famous...

Autism: Are compensatory strategies a double-edged sword?

Dr Lucy Anne Livingston examines the trials and personal costs facing many autistic people as they struggle to appear “normal” A key characteristic of autism...

Creating a better future

James Cusack outlines some of the latest developments in autism research Like all of us, autistic people are unique. Despite being one diagnosis, autism is...

“I’m autistic; now what?”

Emily Niner explains some of the barriers facing teenagersseeking support following an autism diagnosis Getting an autism diagnosis often takes a long time and once...

The art of inclusion

Leo Capella explains why relaxed performances are a cultural innovation that should run and run

Reaching their potential

Alison Worsley outlines some practical solutions to help teachers support pupils with autism

Autism: where we are in 2019

Mark Lever looks at what it’s like to be autistic and examines the state of public understanding of autism

Game changers

Autistic people have changed the world, now the world has to change to understand them, writes Deborah Brownson

Breaking down barriers

Victoria Doxat explores the wide-ranging benefits of playing musical instruments for children with autism and SPD