Connecting & Communicating With Your Autistic Child: A Toolkit of Activities to Encourage Emotional Regulation and Social Development


Tessa Morton and Jane Gurnett co-founded Act for Autism, to deliver country-wide training and to contribute to community
projects. With qualifications and extensive experience in drama, counselling and autism, they won a NAS award in 2020 for their work.

Act for Autism is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides workshops in their programmes : Cleartime and 3C Pathway. Both of these approaches help parents and teachers to build reciprocal communication and to nurture trusting relationships. The 3C approach refers to ‘connecting, calming and communicating’ and supports children in becoming moreself-aware and able to express themselves in healthy ways.

Morton and Gurnett explain how they use drama exercises throughout their work in, in this book they describe how these exercises are used in their workshops and in their drama settings. These are designed to give parents and carers an idea of what it might feel like to be autistic.

This is a very positive book that is supportive and the exercises are well described and have been developed and refined in many settings. The authors also stress that the exercises can be personalised as parents ‘enter into their child’s world and ‘lean in’ to their passions.

Author : J. Griffin
Jessica Kingspey Publishers
ISBN : 978-1-78775-550-5

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