The Subtle Spectrum: An Honest Account of Autistic Discovery, Relationships and Identity


Joanna Grace is the founder of The Sensory Projects and works as a sensory engagement and inclusion specialist. She has a background in working with disabilities and neurological differences and is autistic.

The book is written as an exploration into her developing  awareness of difference, acceptance and the impact of diagnosis on embracing an autistic identity in adulthood.

This is an intensely personal book that details the author’s experiences, supported by insights from other individual contributors. 

Chapters include:

  • Scripting conversation
  • Realising difference
  • Masking
  • I am autistic: I am English
  • Lacking in the social graces

Grace writes with candour and intensity and this book supports those currently looking to claim an autistic identity as a definition of self, ‘like a handrail you grab when trying to stand unaided’. 

It will also be of value to those working with adolescents and adults with a diagnosis of autism

Author: J. Grace
Publisher: Speechmark (Routledge)
ISBN: 978-0-367-70923-5
Price: £16.99

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