Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Pupils wanted for dyslexia study

Year 7 and Year 8 pupils with dyslexia are being asked to take part in study on transition for those with dyslexia. The study, called...

Simple ways to treat dyslexia

John Stein outlines his research suggesting that simple visual treatments and omega-3 fish oils can significantly improve the reading ability of dyslexics

Happy Days? Henry Winkler interview

He became a household name for his portrayal of TV's “the Fonz”, yet his early life was blighted by learning difficulties. Henry Winkler talks to Peter Sutcliffe

Balls and Winkler launch My Way! campaign

The Children's Secretary, Ed Balls, has joined forces with Henry Winkler (a.k.a. The Fonz) to launch a campaign focused on improving attitudes towards children...

Dyslexics struggle to hear in class

Children with dyslexia may have difficulties hearing what teachers say because of background noise in schools, according to a new US study. The majority of...

Dyslexics need emotional support

Dyslexic students need high levels of emotional support, and positive reactions from parents, peers and teachers, in order to prevent their diagnoses from negatively...

Dyslexia: The Rose Report

We outline some of the main findings and recommendations of Sir Jim Rose's much heralded report on dyslexia and literacy difficulties

Accessible text books pilot project

The DCSF have announced the appointment of a consortium to run a pilot project which aims to transform access to textbooks for blind, partially...

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