Friday, December 3, 2021
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Top tech for SEN

Eleanor Overland outlines ten key developments in technology that are being used to support learners with SEN and disabilities

Access all areas

Neil Watkins looks at common types of assistive technology and the opportunities they offer for learners with SEN

Touch sensitive

New technology is making learning more responsive to the needs of individual pupils, writes Ranjit Singh

Future tech

Demetra Katsifli looks at how technology is driving inclusion in education

Switched on to learning

Does technology promote inclusion for students with SEN? Paul Mullen investigates

Use AT or lose AT

Assistive technology counts for little without proper planning, support and the will to use it, writes Paul Doyle 

High five for tablets

Peter Maxwell offers five reasons why tablet computers should be used to support children with SEN

Technology is key to literacy

Touch-screen technology could be a vital new weapon to combat low literacy in key target groups – boys and disadvantaged children. New research published...

Adapting ICT for all

Robin Christopherson outlines some simple things you can do to help make computers accessible to every student

A gesture of hope

Anthony Rhys describes how gesture based technology is transforming the lives of pupils with PMLD and SLD

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