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Book review : Mental Health Education: Building Good Foundations

Author: S. GarnerPublisher: A Speechmark Book (Routledge)ISBN: 978-1-138-38632-7£24.99 The author is an education consultant and trainer who has also...

Losing it in lockdown?

‘there are a whole range of familiar strategies that we can use to change our mental state and make us more resilient.’

Children’s needs are not being met by mental health system

Progress in the provision of mental health services for childrendoes not mask the “chasm between what children need andwhat is being provided”,...

What about me?

Andrew Wright and Tony Clifford look at how schools can develop attachment aware practices to meet the needs of all pupils

Meeting the mental health challenge

Early support is crucial to enable children with social, emotional and mental health needs to flourish, writes Eileen Sheerin

Improving care for mental health

John Williams outlines four principles at the heart of a major review of the Mental Health Act

Driving attainment for deaf children

Ann Bradbury looks at what schools can do to stop deaf pupils falling ever further behind their hearing peers

Online safety in a shifting world

Mark Bentley reveals important changes in the way children are behaving and the threats they are facing online 

Autism and wellbeing

Sarah Butcher outlines an approach designed to improve the physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing of young people with autism

Meeting the mental health challenge

Jeff Thomas discusses the implications of policy developments in children's emotional wellbeing and mental health affecting primary schools