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SEN118 : May/June 2022

Read SEN Magazine SEN118: May/June 2022 here On the 29th March, the UK Government published its Green Paper on the review of the SEND system....

The future of education and why a one size fits all...

Javier Arroyo discusses the future of education. The impact of lockdowns The past year has been a difficult one for many – especially for children. Lockdown...

How can we better engage digital learning for SEN pupils?

Emma Crampton and Isla Billett look at the benefits of tech-enabled learning A digital divideWhile the pandemic has challenged most school-age children, it has presented especially tough, unique...

Embracing Edtech Beyond the Pandemic

A personalised approach to SEN learning A tailored approach to learning has never been more important than it is right now for students with special...

Technology will transform lives of pupils with SEN, says Minister

The Government is to finance school trials of assistive technology which it says will help “level the playing field” for pupils with SEN and...

Tech support

Understanding individual needs is crucial in employing the right assistive technology, writes Paul Doyle

Harnessing tech for learning

Graham Ford looks at some of the opportunities technology offers those teaching students with SEN 

Changing learning

Sophie Shearer looks at how technology is supporting students in higher education

Digital native or digitally naive?

Elizabeth Cooper looks at the opportunities for learning and development offered by digital games

Digital opportunities 

It’s not the time kids spend online but what they do with it that matters, writes Mark Bentley

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