5 survival tips for autism parents during Covid-19 lockdown

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Jo writes based on her extensive research and 5+ experiences working with children on the autism spectrum.

1. Parents should always create clear expectations of your child’s daily activities and stay consistent. If you haven’t done that on the first few weeks of lockdown. I advise you to stay calm and don’t be in despair, there is still time to adjust, just create a routine that is manageable for both you and your child.

2. Remember to give them short breaks and please do not expect them to sit in front of the computer for a long period. Sitting still and not moving for long hours can put your child at risk of blood clots in their lower extremities and can also lead to general fatigue and an inability to concentrate.

3. If rest breaks are very important so does sensory breaks and with the lockdown it is very difficult to find space or ideas to help your child. Ask your child to do simple household chores so that his brain could rest and his body can move around the house.Go out if you have a garden, just remember to put safety first.

4. Be kind and do not to insist if your child refuses to do school work. Instead, teach your child how to self-monitor and self-manage his behaviour and emotions. It is important for your child to learn when he is in a better mood and learning should be fun and entertaining.

5. And finally, stay positive; love your family and together you all could make it work.

Josephine Gaurana
Autism Specialist


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