The Panic Button Book for Kids: An Interactive Guide to Help Kids Deal with Worries and Feel Calmer


Tammi Kirkness has produced a lovely, colourful, interactive and practical book to enable adults to help children aged 7-11 in recognising and managing fears and anxiety. This draws on her personal experiences as an anxious child, and her professional careers as a coach, meditation instructor, Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner and anxiety specialist. 

Given the high levels of anxiety that are being identified in young children, this book helps adults to structure a dialogue and Kirkness uses everyday language to support easier communication and to help put children more at ease in recognising what is causing their worries. 

The book is organised into four sections, that guide the reader through a process to acknowledge specific anxieties, and work out the best strategies to manage them. As such, it is a tool that is intended to be used whenever the need arises, using ‘decision trees’ to guide a deeper understanding on what is causing the anxiety. 

  • How Do I Feel?
  • Feeling My Feelings: The most common anxiety-based symptoms and feelings
  • Figuring Out Where the Worry Started: Anxiety inducing areas 
  • Checking In Again: Reflecting on the process: How does the child feel now? 

Opening with a page of ‘Helpful Hints’, the overall tone of the book is positive, confident and upbeat, but there is a recognition that a child’s levels of anxiety may require specialist, professional support.

Author: T. Kirkness
Publisher: Murdoch Books
ISBN: 978-1-91166-838-1

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