That Behaviour Book: The Simple Truth About Teaching Children


Stephen Baker has a background in teaching English and Drama., as well as working as a regional adviser to the National Strategies for behaviour and attendance before becoming a member of the When the Adults Change team. In the introduction to the book, Baker explains that the purpose of the book is to help new teachers manage behaviour more effectively so that they can enjoy warm, productive relationships with classes as empathetic and effective teachers.

This is a really useful, practical and supportive source of advice, with insights from the author’s own professional experience and development. It draws attention to factors such as teaching with authenticity,  the significance of body language, facial expression and building mutual respect through the development of social and emotional skills.

The main message is that teachers are responsible for pupil behaviour and they need to build relationships and establish clear routines that respect that children are people with a valid point of view.

This book would be of value to both early career and more established teachers who are interested in effective communication and behaviour management.

Author: S. Baker
Publisher: Crown House Publishing 
ISBN: 978-1-78583668-8

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