Raising Kids With Big Baffling Behaviours:


Brain-Body-Sensory Strategies That Really Work

Robyn Gobbel is a mental health professional, who specialises in supporting the families of children with challenging behaviours. She runs training courses for parents and professionals and founded a podcast as well. The book is organised in sections that are aimed primarily at supporting parents in reaching a greater understanding of behaviour and associated concepts such as neuroception, trauma, toxic dress and connection.

The author uses descriptions such as ‘The Wise Owl Brain’, ‘The Watchdog Brain’ to explain ways in which children might be behaving that are causing frustration and difficulties for their parents or care-givers. She writes from experience and draws on many examples of interactions with parents who are struggling to manage and respond appropriately in challenging circumstances.

Chapters include:

  • What Behaviour Really Is and How to Change It
  • Trust me..Your Child Wants to Be Connected to You
  • What’s Regulation Got to Do With It?
  • How to Become More Tolerant of Your Child’s Behaviour

This is a useful handbook that will be well-received by many parents struggling to understand and manage difficult situations and to provide structure, routine and predictability. It would also be of value to schools and other professionals as a resource to share in parenting groups and training sessions.

Author: R. Gobbel
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-83997-428-1

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