Feel Free To Smile : The Behaviour Management Survival Guide for New Teachers


Nikki Cunningham-Smith has worked as an assistant headteacher, SENCO and centre lead in a pupil referral unit and she writes a behaviour blog for The Times Educational Supplement. In this book she draws on her experience in alternative provision settings and provides insights into ways to deal with common behaviour scenarios in primary and secondary classrooms.

In the introduction, the author acknowledges the stresses that face teachers, particularly in relation to the behaviour of pupils and the need to ‘find humour in the horror’.

The chapter headings have engaging titles that cover a series of common scenarios related to challenging behaviour in the classroom, from completely losing control of a lesson to being outsmarted by the class clown. For each scenario presented, practical strategies are offered, based on the needs of the pupils.

There are some great tips and strategies in the book that will be of value to many teachers and the book includes interactive ways to engage with students, as well as case studies and reflective activities. This is a book that new teachers would find supportive, informative and a source of informed professional guidance.

Author : N Cunningham-Smith
Publisher : Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-4729-8448-7

Price: £14.99

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