Parenting Children With ADHD


10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach

Dr Monastra, is a clinical psychologist who is internationally recognised for his research on the neurophysiological characteristics of children and teens with ADHD. His treatment studies focus on the significance of parenting style, effective school interventions, nutrition and EEG biofeedback. In this second edition, he addresses new developments in diagnosing ADHD, as well as strategies for improving attention and in organising safe, supportive educational environments.

Chapters include:
• Parenting Doesn’t Cause ADHD, Genes Do!
• Nutrition Does Matter
• Kids Need a Reason to Learn
• Now That You Have Their Attention, What do You Really Want Them to Learn?
• Parents Are People Too!

There is much sensible advice in this book to support parents in managing potentially challenging situations and in developing a deeper understanding of the concerns and needs of others. Sleep issues and nutrition are explored, as well as advice on negotiating family values, and communication. The book is written from a US perspective, but it might be of value to parents who are seeking answers and advice, both for family life, and for advocating for their child in school.

V.J. Monastra PhD
American Psychological Association
ISBN: 978-1-4338-1571-0

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