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Handling new challenges for children with visual impairment

Lucy Proctor describes how her school has handled the impact of Covid-19 on their pupils with visual impairment, and shares a call to action....

Teaching kids with visual impairment

Chrissie Pepper looks at how we can improve the educational experiences of children who are blind or partially sighted

Struggling for support

Help can be hard to find for young people with vision impairment, writes Ryan Compton

Being a “normal” teenager

Student Laura Wilmot tells Anika Backhouse how her visual impairment has helped her forge a strong sense of identity and purpose  

Seeing through my eyes

Daniel Williams details his struggle to come to terms with his visual impairment

Eshan’s story told in RNIB’s new film

Meet Hardeep and his nine-year-old son Eshan in RNIB's new film introducing its specialist schools and residences for children and young people with vision...

A vision of Britain revisited

Sue Keil examines the state of specialist services for visually impaired learners

Seeing the individual

Neurological sight loss highlights the need for a personalised approach to learning support for children with visual impairment, writes Richard Ellis

Is poverty blind?

John Harris assesses the chances of vision impaired children becoming socially mobile adults

Blind ambition

From a refugee camp to the Ministry of Education: Ashley Johnson and Isabel Leigh chart the extraordinary evolution of a Cambodian SEN programme