The Beginner’s Guide to Cooperative Learning: Make Your Learners Your Main Teaching Resource


The authors describe ‘collaborative’ or ‘cooperative’ learning as a term that refers to structured shared activities which can stimulate thought and conversation about a given subject. The activities have simple steps that do not overwhelm learners and help to focus minds on what has to be learned. It pre-organises how learners interact with each other in a clearly delineated collection of action steps. This provides a framework that also supports students with learning differences and challenges.

Chapters include:

  • Cooperative Learning and Direct Instruction
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of Cooperative Learning: What’s In It for You and Everyone Else?
  • Teaching Material: The Stuff You Don’t Need to Buy
  • Cooperative Learning and Other Strategies

The book also contains several appendices with checklists, coaching and assessment guides and sample flashcards.

This step-by-step guide  to learning with others has the potential to stimulate discussions around improving learning for all and is based on the authors’ experience of designing tailored interventions in schools and college settings. 

Authors: J. Werdelin and D. Howard
Publisher: Crown House Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-1-785-83585-8
Price: £16.99

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