The Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties


This is one of a series of practical guides providing essential advice for classroom aides, assistants and support staff. Other books
in the series include guides to Managing Behaviour, Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The author of this book, Kate Spohrer, is a Behavioural Consultant, ADHD Family Coach and trainer and she is also the author of the guide to ADHD in the series.

Chapters include a range of activities, case studies and quizzes to consolidate learning and the emphasis is on emotional health and wellbeing, rather than difficulties or deficits.

The format encourages a reflective approach and the quizzes are particularly useful, as the correct answers at the back also provide a brief explanation of why the answer is correct.

This series of books would form a very useful core resource library for support staff, as well as contributing to professional development training. The books are compact and the authors manage to distil years of experience into bite-sized information chunks that can support staff in improving their understanding of learning differences. The practical activities are well-chosen to support and reinforce this learning process. By inviting the reader to think more creatively about how to face problems in school, there is a focus on shifting the emphasis away from a dependency culture and towards environmental change.

Author : K. Spohrer
Continuum International Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-0-8264-9838-0

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