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Giving clues to children with Developmental Language Disorder can help to...

A new study has shown that children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) can be helped to spell more accurately through the use of clues. Learning...

Language learning for SEN children – and why it’s so important!

For children and students with special educational needs, language learning may not be seen as a priority. However, this could not be further from...

100 ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play: Fun Activities for...

Georgina Durrant is a former teacher and now Director of Cheshire SEN Tutor Ltd. She is also the mother of two young children and...

Mind your language

Far from helping us to move on, modern autism terminology may be getting in our way, according to Debby Elley and Maura Campbell. After parents...

Developmental language disorder (DLD)

Becky Clark looks at how we can support children with a range of language difficulties  Difficulties with language affect children’s learning, understanding and ability to express...

Supporting deaf learners

Emma Fraser looks at the barriers deaf children face at school, and how they can be overcome The term “deaf” refers to all levels...

Communication’s the thing

Louisa Reeves on the importance of identifying and supporting SLCN at school

Improving AAC provision

The I-ASC research team outline an ongoing study into providing appropriate communication aids for children who are non speaking

Janice Murray1, Yvonne Lynch1, Liz Moulam1, Stuart Meredith1, Juliet Goldbart1, Simon Judge2, Nicola Randall2, David Meads3, Edward Webb3, Stephane Hess3 and Helen Whittle1.

1Manchester Metropolitan University, 2Barnsley Assistive Technology Service – Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 3University of Leeds.

Routine communication

Empowering parents is key to helping pre-school children with ASD develop their communication, write Libby Hill and Natasha Hallam

Special voices

Baz Chapman explores how singing can help children with SEN to become more confident in all areas of life 

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