Book review : From Able to Remarkable: Help Your Students Become Expert Learners


Author: R. Massey
Publisher: Crown House Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-1-785-83435-6

Robert Massey is an experienced history teacher, with a particular interest in supporting colleagues in meeting the needs of high attaining students. He is a popular speaker at education conferences, and he focuses on changing the ways teachers think about helping all students to unlock their latent potential through recognising their attributes and capabilities.

He expresses a passion for enabling all pupils to achieve success and for teachers to become skilled in strategies to support this.

The book is organised into 3 parts. ‘Starting Our Learning Journey,’ ‘The Expert Learner,’ and ‘Excellence for All’. The book covers many areas, including elitism, teacher well-being, the myth of the learning curve and ability and attainment. 

This book focuses on gifted and talented pupils and it recognises that these pupils have additional needs in terms of their mental health, stress, as well as the need to recognise the well-being needs of those who teach them. Massey also makes reference to the emotional needs of parents, and he recognises that being a ‘Gifted and Talented’ student can pose challenges at home and in school. 

These students have their own special educational needs and Massey’s book provides support and guidance from the perspective of an expert practitioner in this field. His belief is that many students are being underestimated in terms of their potential, and that this applies to all levels of ability. This book will provide food for thought for teachers, regardless of which sector they are working in.

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