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Let’s start off with the truly exciting news that our amazing advertising team has been shortlisted for the national ALF Awards, launched last year to spotlight the work of top sales and marketing teams! Congratulations and fingers crossed for Denise and Charlotte for the event in London in April. Such an achievement against very fierce competition!

We know that it can be difficult to organise short breaks that meet the needs of everyone and Nick Liley draws on his many years of experience in this field on pages 23, sharing his passion for creating life-long memories. Sam Bowen also gets us out and about on page 77, with trips to museums, where she has been instrumental in initiatives for improving access for all.

It also seems that Doncaster is making a name for itself with a number of initiatives using music and the performing arts to nurture creativity, communication and language development in the community. Turn to page 50 to read Sophy Sylvertor’s and Dyzelle Sutherland article about the darts project based there, as well as the news item on page 8 about the Funding Award from Arts Council England’s Place Partnership Programme, supported by Doncaster Council.

If you’d like to know why your local supermarkets have the annoying habit of moving goods around, catch up with Cheryl Bedding’s insightful guide to environmental auditing, on page 34, with advice on how to improve the daily experiences of all young students.

It’s always useful for us to get feedback on the topics we cover: is there anything you’d like us to explore that you are passionate about? Do you want to share examples of best practice in your region, or share your own experiences with our growing community? Please do get in touch if you have a project to share or an inspirational colleague you’d like us to interview: We really appreciate and value your opinions.

In the short time I have been working as editor, I have become aware of so many individuals and organisations that support, encourage and nurture those they work and live with, and there are clearly many more that we would like to celebrate and support, so get in touch!

Thank you, as always, to our contributors and advertisers in the ways that you continue to support SEN Magazine. It’s a pleasure and a joy to share this not only in the UK, but around the world. (That one is for those who remember Nicholas Parsons on Just a Minute!).

Good luck Denise and Charlotte!


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