YESSS: The Sumo Secrets to being a Positive, Confident Teenager


This book by popular author Paul McGee addresses the challenges, insecurities and confusions that teenagers face and shows what it’s like to live with confidence, resilience, hope and happiness. It’s a very upbeat, bright, colourful book that appeals directly to its audience and is written in a conversational style that is reassuring and approachable.

The book  covers topics such as how to:

  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Own and understand different feelings
  • Develop a healthy self-image
  • Recover from setbacks and develop perseverance
  • Dare to dream

One of the key points relates to the advice to teenagers to be kinder to themselves  and to accept that sometimes they will need help. 

This is a super book for teenagers, and also for parents as McGee manages to sneak in nuggets of wisdom that can be helpful to parents and teachers. It’s tone is light, but it is clearly well-researched and full of useful tips to improve daily functioning. 

Author: P. McGee
Illustrated by: F. Osborne
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
ISBN: 978-0-85708-871-0
Price: £12.99

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