The Everyday Autism Handbook for Schools: 60+ Essential Guides For Staff


The authors have been working with children and young people on the autitic spectrum in a range of settings for over fifteen years. Claire Droney has also worked as an advisor for the Autism Education Trust and University College Cork, whilst Annelies Verbiest has a special interest in behaviour management and establishing efficient classroom systems.

The book is organised into six parts, plus an accompanying PDF containing 21 appendices and bonus on-line content that is downloadable from the publisher’s website. 

  • Introduction to Autism
  • Top Autism-Friendly Strategies
  • Being Inclusive
  • The Art of Communication
  • The Special Class
  • Keep It Positive

The guides are clearly described and illustrated and cover a wide range of situations such as planning for successful playtimes, using social rules, increasing peer knowledge and understanding about autism and communicating with parents.

This book provides clear guidance on adapting the curriculum, fostering emotional regulation as well as staff self-care. 

Authors: C. Droney and A. Verbiest
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78775-428-7
Price: £25.00

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