Language for Learning in the Primary School: A Practical Guide For Supporting Pupils With Language and Communication Difficulties Across the Curriculum (2nd Edition)


The authors share expertise in speech and language therapy and also provide training for practitioners working with children and young people of all ages with speech, language and communication needs. They manage the ‘Language for Learning’ project based in Worcestershire.

The book opens with a useful timeline summarising the key events, government initiatives etc. in relation to SLCN since 2008 in the UK and a key to the colour coordinated symbols used in the book relating to the main areas of speech, language and communication.

There is also useful information relating to suppliers of commercial resources and the ‘Language for Learning’ training opportunities.

This is a colourful book that is visually appealing and this helps the reader to understand the concepts and strategies more easily. There is a strong emphasis on what the professional might observe in a child, linked, for example, to whole class checklists and ways to create a language friendly environment that supports consistency and developing independence.

This book provides a very useful guide to developing a framework for thinking and talking about language and communication skills.

Authors: S. Hayden & E. Jordan
A David Fulton Book (Routledge)
ISBN: 978-1-138-89862-2
Price: £38.99

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