A Guide to SEND In the Early Years


Kerry Murphy is an Early Years lecturer and consultant, specialising in wellbeing, behaviour and neurodiversity and disabilities. Her website, www.eyfs4me.com provides extensive information about her educational philosophy, approaches, resources etc.

The book is written from a pro-neurodiversity perspective, that recognises the individual strengths, interests, differences and needs of all children. Murphy has drawn on the contributions of parents, specialists and practitioners, and this helps in providing the reader with a wide range of information such as the role of important legislation, recognition of outdated approaches and ways to overcome barriers to developing genuinely inclusive practice.  

There are case studies, top tips, reflective activities and chapter summaries that all support the reader in developing knowledge, competences and strategies for coping and thriving.

This is a really useful, practical resource that is packed full of advice, support, sources of information, networking advice and much more. It will inspire a wide range of practitioners in diverse settings and places a high value on continuing professional development through multiple channels.

Author: K. Murray
Publisher: Featherstone ( Bloomsbury Publishing)
ISBN: 978-1-4729-8101-1
Price: £18.99

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