Building Skills for Effective Primary Teaching: A Guide to Your School Based Training (2nd Edition)


The editors of this revised edition currently work in higher education, following careers in primary schools, with specialisms including learning differences, mathematics, art and mentoring staff. In the introduction they explain that the book is aimed at the trainee and the mentor, providing a guide to the skills needed in key areas of professional practice and in building a mutual understanding and reflection on individual practice.

Chapters include:

  • Teacher identity
  • Learning and teaching approaches
  • Assessment
  • Vulnerable groups
  • Well-being and resilience for all

Each chapter includes reflection and discussion activities, and these are seen as a key feature that can form the basis of discussions between trainee and mentor. The layout is very engaging, with links to further resources such as internet clips, TED Talks and case studies. 

This is an excellent book that is packed full of useful and highly relevant information and guidance. It would be of value to all primary school practitioners as it really brings together the best of research and practice in a real-world context. 

Editors: R. Paige, S. Lambert and R. Geeson
Publisher: LM Learning Matters (Sage Publishing)
ISBN: 978-1-5264-9214-2
Price: £24.99

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