Across the Spectrum: A Journey Towards Understanding and Supporting Individuals With Autism


The authors share experience of working as headteachers in specialist schools/ provision and Francine Brower has also worked as a review team leader and area coordinator for the National Autistic Society. They have been involved in a variety of settings, supporting individuals with autism from early childhood to adulthood and this book contains examples taken from these settings and in consultation with staff, parents and the diversity of the children, young people and adults on the spectrum of autism. 

The ethics of the book draws on a quote from Temple Grandin: ‘You can’t make me into something I’m not … You’ve got to meet halfway’. 

Chapters include:

  • Communication: So much more than words
  • Socialisation: so much more than friendship
  • Sensory impact: Another challenge to overcome
  • Behaviour: It’s not just tantrums
  • Impact on families: The highs and lows

Chapters include useful tips that are in highlighted boxes for ease of access and conclude with ‘takeaway’ summary points. There are also illustrative case studies, a glossary and a guide to further reading and resources.

This is a readable and informative text that covers the diverse presentations of autism and helps all those who work with those on the spectrum and support them in their daily lives. 

There is a focus on practical solutions, creative strategies and interventions, based on the author’s belief that all individuals should be given the respect and the value that is deserved and that communities will be welcoming and supportive.

An uplifting read.

Authors: F. Brower and K. MacKenzie Cox
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-4729-8452-4
Price: £24.99

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