Do I Need to See a Therapist?: How To Understand Your Emotions and Make Therapy Work For You


The author is a UK based psychotherapist and writer, and she is also trained in creative writing and songwriting, relating to the themes of mental health and neurodiversity. She has many years of practice and has, more recently, adopted new approaches that relate to ‘brainspotting’ techniques that help gain insight into what is happening in our brain and how to tolerate and manage powerful emotions.

Chapters include:

  • Will Talking About My Feelings Make Them Worse? And If So, What can I Do to Make It Easier?
  • The Trouble with Emotions
  • When Should I See  a Therapist?
  • The Trouble with Therapy
  • Does Therapy Work?

The book has many useful guidelines and transcripts of conversations to illustrate key concepts and she addresses some difficult and challenging situations with a calm and professional approach. This is a very useful text that provides insights into understanding more about how we feel, what is upsetting us, and how therapeutic interventions can help.

This will be of value for anyone working with mental health issues and personal trauma. 

Author: D.M. Bottomley
Publisher: Hero (Legend Times Group Ltd)
ISBN: 978-18003-1684-3
Price: £12.99

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