Personal Development For Teachers: 9 Steps for Success


Jacquie Turnbull is the Director of Accende, a company that uses profiling to improve professional effectiveness and also Pracademe, where she provides coaching for leaders and potential leaders in education. She is a former secondary teacher, HE lecturer and was honoured with an MBE in 2011 for her work in education.

This book is set out in three parts covering managing yourself, engaging with others and spreading the influence.

Chapters include:

  • Taking Action on Stress
  • Taking Your Time
  • Creating Rapport
  • Influencing Behaviours
  • Extending the Influence 

The book is written to help teachers identify the personal capacity they have to develop as effective professionals that recognises their significance in enabling children and young adults to acquire essential knowledge, skills and attitudes needed these days. Its emphasis on helping teachers to understand themselves as learners uses questionnaires and reflective activities and is both practical and well-structured. 

Author: J. Turnbull
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-4411-6904-4
Price: £24.99

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