The Intensive Interaction Classroom Guide: Social Communication Learning and Curriculum for Children with Autism, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, or Communication Difficulties


The authors of this book are both associated with the Intensive Interaction Approach through their roles as Team Leader and
Coordinator and have specialisms in autism. The additional contributors include teachers, teaching assistants, consultants
and a Head of Learning Support.

The book also includes appendices with photocopiable sheets to support implementation of the programme.

In the foreword to the book, Intensive Interaction is characterised as a process-orientated rather than an objectives-based approach. There is an overall focus on the ‘developmental reality of the learner’ and the fundamentals of communication. The contributors are clearly passionate about this play-based approach that focuses on building relationships and on the frequent repetition of activities to develop the level of depth and complexity of their

Short case studies are used in some chapters to illustrate the ways in which Intensive Interaction can support the development of skills such as vocalising to share feelings and thoughts and to understand that communication is a two-way process.

This practical guide provides support for teachers working from nursery to Post-16 with a wide range of students, not only those with autism or learning differences.

Author : A. Mouriere & P. Smith
Routledge (Taylor Francis)
ISBN :978-0-367-77330-4

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