2,000 schools to down pens


A million pupils from across the UK will forego pens as part of No Pens Day Wednesday, a national speaking and listening event taking place on 9 October.

Organised by The Communication Trust, the annual event aims to encourage schools to focus on language by spending one day concentrating on learning through speaking and listening instead of writing.

Trust Director Anne Fox points to the strong links between spoken language and educational outcomes. “If the UK is serious about ‘best educational practice’, we need to be actively developing pupils’ speaking and listening skills”, she says.

The removal of speaking and listening from GCSE English raised fears amongst many in the speech, language and communication sector, particularly because communication skills are now part of the Ofsted Framework. The Communication Trust is particularly concerned that spoken language may become side-lined in the classroom.

Record numbers of pupils are expected to take part in No Pens Wednesday this year, with more than 2,000 schools involved. For more information, visit:


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