New tool to measure children’s wellbeing


A new method of measuring the quality of life and wellbeing of children has been launched by The Children’s Society. The Good Childhood Index is centred on the principle of self-reporting in order to ensure that the viewpoints of children and young people themselves are captured.

Working on from the charity’s 2009 Good Childhood Inquiry, the Index pin-points the key factors that have the most impact on a child’s satisfaction levels and seeks to establish benchmarks against which the nation’s childhood experiences can be measured over time.

The Children’s Society is offering this new tool free for other organizations to use, and results from across the country will be fed back to a survey of national results. It is planned to use these findings for quarterly assessments of any changes in the general wellbeing of children.

The Index is aimed primarily at professionals and practitioners who will be able to track their school or organisation against national averages of wellbeing provided by the survey.

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