Kids gadgeted up for school


School children take as much as £300 worth of valuables to school, with more than 50 per cent regularly carrying expensive electronic devices and a similar percentage carrying cash or bank cards. Mobile phones top the list of gadgets, with 37 per cent of eleven-year-olds, 60 per cent of twelve-year-olds and 70 per cent of seventeen-year-olds taking them to school.

These are the findings of a recent YouGov report commissioned by Tesco for Schools & Clubs, which also revealed that Apple iPod’s are to be found on around 22 per cent of school pupils, while other brand MP3 players and games consoles are carried by ten per cent and five per cent respectively.

The report, which surveyed over 1800 children aged seven to seventeen and 1800 adults, revealed just how much things have changed in a generation, with parents claiming very different sources of entertainment during their time at school. 21 per cent claimed they took stickers to school when they were young, 21 per cent marbles, sixteen per cent sweets and thirteen per cent skipping ropes. Only seven per cent said they used to have a Walkman at school.

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Author: SEN News Team

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