Lady Gaga is to learn sign language


Controversial pop star Lady Gaga is to learn American Sign Language (ASL), according to reports coming out of the US. The singer, whose album Born This Way currently tops the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic, says she wants to learn to sign so that she can communicate with her deaf fans.

Lady Gaga has previously used sign language interpreters at concerts and she was said to be inspired to learn ASL after seeing videos of deaf fans signing along to her songs on YouTube.

UK charity, the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) has praised Lady Gaga’s intention to learn sign language and make her songs accessible to deaf young people. “Many of her songs and messages tap into experiences that deaf young people share, such as bullying and feeling different to other children, but Lady Gaga channels these in a positive way”, says Lucy Read of the NDCS. “We know that the news will be very well received by deaf children and young people across the world.”

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