DfE launches behaviour checklist


A checklist of what schools can do to instil good behaviour in the classroom has been developed and published by Charlie Taylor, the Government’s Expert Adviser on Behaviour.

Entitled “Getting the simple things right”, the checklist was developed following a summit run by Mr Taylor where headteachers from schools in areas of high deprivation gathered to discuss the key principles for improving behaviour. While many attendees emphasised the simplicity of their approach to behaviour, consistency was seen to be the most important factor. “Some schools struggle with managing and improving behaviour”, says Mr Taylor, who is also the Headteacher of a special school. “Often the problem is that they aren’t being consistent with their behaviour policy”.

The checklist describes a range of actions for schools, including ensuring “absolute clarity” in what standards of behaviour are expected from pupils, displaying school rules clearly, ensuring that children actually receive the rewards and sanctions they have earned, and taking action to deal with staff who do not follow behaviour policies.


The checklist also states that senior school staff, including headteachers and deputy heads, should be a “visible presence around the school”, including in playgrounds and at lunch times, and should not be confined to offices.

To download the checklist, click here

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