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A new guide to help parents worried about their child’s development, or who have been told their child has developmental delay, has been published by the charity Contact a Family.

The booklet, Developmental Delay, includes a pull-out poster to help parents recognise key skills most children develop between birth and five years of age, and to encourage them to consult their health visitor or GP if they are concerned their child isn’t reaching these developmental milestones. The charity also hopes that the poster will be displayed in GP surgery waiting rooms and early years settings and clinics.

The guide contains information on what parents can do if they think their child has developmental delay, how a child is assessed for developmental delay, support available to parents, and tips from other parents.

The charity’s Head of Advice and Information, Anne Brook. Believes it can be difficult for health professionals to identify what is causing a child to have developmental delay or predict how it will affect a child once they are older. “Some families can wait for years for a diagnosis for their child. Some will never get a diagnosis and others will be diagnosed with a rare condition”, she says. “Parents can be left feeling isolated and alone and find it difficult to get support for their child. Parents can become impatient with doctors and other health professionals if they don’t understand why it is taking a long time for them to get a diagnosis for their child.”

Developmental Delay is the latest publication in the charity’s About Diagnosis Series, which also includes Living with a rare condition and Living without a diagnosis. Guides in the series are free to download from:


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  1. my 3 years kid is a delayed milestone case, her developmental delay can be cured any where???? need an expert opinion please


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